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Mission Statement

CDM Wireless mission is to provide exceptional customer service, reliable easy to use products, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our clients. We offer wireless solutions, solar systems, IT and Network services for the security & surveillance industry. This mission is accomplished by a relentless pursuit of unmatched customer service and attention to client needs in all products and services offered.

CDM Wireless Surveillance Systems & CCTV Security Systems

CDM, Inc. is a leading provider of Digital Wireless and Solar Solutions as well as a value added service provider for the surveillance systems industry, including wireless CCTV solutions. Our products are produced in the USA and sold throughout the world. Our team of trained engineers, designers and IT Personnel offer decades of experience in digital and hybrid development, wireless technology, aviation electronics, wireless microwave, CCTV, Image Analysis and IP networking. We offer an innovative product line and our wireless products are pre-configured and factory programmed to support a wide range of applications in a variety of markets.

Company Overview

CDM Wireless is currently located in Youngsville, North Carolina. We have 5,000 square feet of manufacturing space to meet our client's needs. We utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) database that handles all of the day to day activities of our operations. We have an ISO 9001 compliant quality system that is used in all departments within the organization. Our staff offers varying disciplines and talents within the wireless security, IT and energy market.

Core Values

CDM follows and stands behind a list of core values that we believe allow us to focus our attention on the areas most important to serve our customer and support their needs. If you would like to speak to a Sales or Service Associate contact us at 919.554.1823.

Products We Provide

  • Digital Wireless
  • Solar Solutions
  • iPower

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