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Viper: Innovative Wireless SolutionsCDM offers a wide array of video surveillance equipment including:  Wireless Links, Wireless Access Points, Wireless Transmitters, High Capacity Wireless Routers, and Wireless Repeaters.

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•  Viper i Series
•  Viper e Series
•  Viper+ ACX3 Series
•  Viper+ ACX2 Series
•  Viper+ 11N3 Series
•  Viper+ 11N2 Series
•  Raptor i Series
•  Raptor e Series
•  V-Bridge
•  Antenna Kits
•  SunTelligent™ Solar Systems
•  PC10-XX
•  Wiring Diagrams


•  Viper V-Link Typical Application
•  Viper i Series Typical Application

Wiring Diagrams

•  Viper i31r Wiring Diagram w/ PoE Injector Kit
•  Viper i31r Wiring Diagram w/ PoE Switch
•  Viper i32rp Wiring Diagram

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