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PC 10-XX Power Converter SeriesPC 10-XX Power Converter Systems
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The PC 10-XX converts various input Voltages, 277, 408, 480 etc, from sources such as streetlights, into stable DC or AC output power. The converter has found wide acceptance in the Security Industry in situations where cameras, IR and wireless equipment need to be installed in parking lot areas that have lighting at night but no power during daylight hours.

The PC-10 can also be useful in situations that have unstable or intermittent input power as the output power of the unit is stabilized by batteries.

The output and input Voltage as well as power requirements are defined by the Customer. Power range of the PC-10 is 30 Watts up to 1500 Watts.

Designed for industrial applications, the PC10 Power Converter product line delivers exceptional performance in all weather conditions. All systems ship factory assembled, wired and include all hardware and accessories needed to install it on a utility pole.

The unit is housed in an all aluminum NEMA rated enclosure with stainless steel hardware. All louvers and vents are covered with screen. The latches are lockable using padlocks. The enclosure has a mounting bracket fastened to the back side that is suitable for pole or wall mounting. The front cover is hinged and lockable. The bottom of the unit has two knockouts for data and/or power lines.

All in all the unit is very rugged and suitable for use in any climate. Delivery is usually 2 weeks ARO.

If you have a special request or need a custom unit for other requirements, we can design the unit to your specifications.

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