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Raptor i Series

300 Mbps MIMO

Raptor e Series

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CCDM Wireless, a leader in PtP & PtMP wireless broadband, introduces its new Raptor "i Series" product line. Higher bandwidth applications are becoming increasingly common as advancements in manufacturers hardware continue. The CDM Wireless Raptor MIMO product line helps to satisfy this need.

With actual data rates up to 200 Mbps the new Raptor series delivers even more capacity than our Viper series and allows users to stream even higher resolution images, video, live recordings, VoIP, etc.

The Raptor and Viper equipment can easily be combined into any hybrid deployment that requires less bandwidth at the edge and more at the head end.

On projects where 200 Mbps or more is not needed at remote locations, but is needed at the head end to receive multiple data streams, a combination of Raptor and Viper devices can be deployed at a considerable cost savings to the customer.

Raptor products act as either Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) or Powered Devices (PD). PSE models will supply PoE+ power to one or two IP devices such as Cameras, Door Access Controllers, VOIP phones, etc. The PD models will accept power from a PoE switch or a 48Vdc injector.

Raptor products include all software, licenses, accessories and unlimited bandwidth.

RAPTOR i Series

Raptor i31r, Raptor i21s, Raptor i31s, Raptor i32rp

Wireless Interface
2.4 / 5.1 GHz - 5.8 GHz
Data Rates300 Mbps modulation (actual thru put depends on environment)
Transmit Power17 - 26 dBm (radio dependent)
Receiver Sensitivity
5 GHzMSC0 20MHz - 97dBi, MCS7 40MHz - 74dBi
RangeUp to 10 miles (depending on environment)
Input48Vdc via injector and/or PoE (802.3af) switch (model dependent)
PSEPoE+ (802.3at) on up to 2 Ethernet ports
Power consumption11 watts maximum (4 watts typical)
Ethernet Interface
1 - 3Gigabit Fast Ethernet ports with Auto-MDI/X
Authentication, Security and Encryption
AuthenticationRADIUS server MAC enabled
SecuritySSL based authentication
Remote AdminSSH, IP/MAC Telnet, Win GUI, HTTPS, FTP, Serial Console
EncryptionAES, 128.256, Triple DES with CBC-MAC, RADIUS, EAP
GPS SupportAsync NMEA 0183, NMEA/RTCM or simple text
Temperature-67°F to 159.8°F (-55°C to 71°C)
Humidity100% (wind driven rain)
Solar RadiationASTM G53 1000 hours
Ice Load25mm radial
Salt FogIEC 68-2-11 Ka 500 hours
Size12" x 12" x 2.75"
Weight8 lbs.
External Connectors
Receivers1 weatherized RJ-45 for cable or conduit
Transmitters1 weatherized feed thru for cables or conduit
LEDsPower, Activity, Ethernet Link
Mountingmast, pole or wall
VibrationIEC 60721-3-4 4M5 Random
MechanicalIEC 60721-3-4 4M5
DC Ground
Systems Management and Control
Local/Remote AdministrationSSH, MAC Telnet, WIN GUI via HTTP, FTP
Tools / Diagnostics
•  Bandwidth
•  Ping
•  Netwatch
•  Freq Scan
•  IP Scan
•  Traffic Monitor
•  Ping Speed
•  Email
•  Packet Sniffer
   Antenna Alignment
•  Graphing
•  Trace Route
•  MAC Server
•  Flood Ping

Key Features

  • MIMO; Up to 200 Mbps actual throughput
  • Built in internal MIMO Antenna
  • PtP, PtMP or Mesh
  • PoE 802.3af/at (PoE, PoE+)
  • 1-3 Ethernet ports
  • 1-3 radios
  • SNMP technology ensures hassle free integration with existing networks
  • PoE injector & mounting kit included
  • Maintains PtP & PtMP links up to 10 miles
  • VLAN support for increased security
  • Windows-based GUI, Command Line Interface & Web Browser-based for programming & monitoring
  • Factory programmed, configured, identified & link tested

Raptor i31r
Triple Ethernet, PoE Access Point w/antenna
Powered via switch or factory supplied power injector

Raptor i21s
Dual Ethernet PoE+ Transmitter w/antenna
Powered via factory supplied PoE injector, Provides PoE+ power to IP devices on Ethernet 2

Raptor i31s
Triple Ethernet, PoE+ Transmitter w/antenna
Powered via factory supplied PoE injector, Provides PoE+ power to IP devices on Ethernet 2 & 3

Raptor i32rp
Triple Ethernet, Dual Radio, PoE+ Repeater w/antenna
Powered via factory supplied PoE injector, Provides PoE/PoE+ power to IP devices on Ethernet 2 & 3, Includes 2 Type-N connectors for additional external antenna