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SunSmart SeriesSunTelligent™ Solar Systems
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The CDM Wireless SunTelligentâ„¢ Solar Systems product line is a self contained 12/24 Vdc Solar Electric Power System designed for remote wireless surveillance applications. It is designed for quick installation, long term reliability and virtually no maintenance.

Each solar installation is slightly different due to specific power requirements and geographic location. If CDM Wireless does not already have a model designed to meet the requirements they will design one that will.

Designed for industrial applications, the SunTelligentâ„¢ Solar Systems product line delivers exceptional performance in all weather conditions. All systems ship factory assembled, wired and include all hardware and accessories needed to install it on a utility pole.

The CDM Wireless solar electric power system provides up to 510 Amp Hours of power to operate equipment in the event of a temporary weather related, or other, adverse event. It includes an intelligent technology power system that will disconnect the battery from the wireless and security equipment in the event the voltage drops below 11.6 volts. As the batteries recharge, the system brings the devices back online. As the batteries recharge, the system brings the devices back online, significantly prolonging the life of the battery(s).

In addition to providing reliable power the SunTelligentâ„¢ Solar Systems can be equipped with an optional Status and Alert module. The Status and Alert module provides real time measurements of the voltage output of the solar panel(s) and battery bank plus temperature data. The status can be in the form of a simple web based applica- tion or provide additional data and logging. Alerts can be sent via email or monitored by software such as Nagios or other network monitoring software.

SunTelligentâ„¢ Solar Systems:  Hardware Specifications

Solar Panel(s)
Model 110 Model 135 Model 210 Model 210X * Model 240 Model 480 * Model XXX
Pmax54 watts135 watts210 watts210 watts240 watts480 wattsCustom
Dimensions25.7" L
50" W
2.1" H
59.1" L
26.3" W
1.4" D
59.1" L
39" W
1.4" D
59.1" L
39" W
1.4" D
64.96" L
39.05" W
1.81" D
64.96" L
78.1" W
1.81" D
Weight22.0 lbs28.7 lbs40.8 lbs40.8 lbs42 lbs84 lbs
Window Load125 mph125 mph125 mph125 mph125 mph125 mph
Voltage:12vdc or 24vdc
Amps:255 AH (Model 210X is 510 AH)
Construction:AGM Deep Cell Solar
Dimensions:20.62"L x 10.95"W x 10.17"H
Weight:165 lbs
Smart Technology Power Controller
Peak Efficiency:97.5%
Nom Battery Voltage:12 or 24 volts
Max Battery Current:15 Amps
Battery Voltage Range:7-36 volts
Max PV Open Circuit voltage:75 volts
Nominal Max PV Input:200 watts @12v
Output Rating:15 Amps load control
Self Consumption:35ma
Transient Surge Protection:4 x 1500 Watts
Operating Temp: -40c to +60c
Electronic Protections:Overload, short circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity, battery, PV & load, lightning & transient surges, high temp, reverse current at night.
Weather proof battery box
Vented aluminum enclosure with side of pole mounting bracket system Dimensions 25"x18"x18"
Side of pole solar panel/battery mounts
5052 H32 Aluminum, cold roll steel and special high strength hot roll steel for top of pole braces, tilt plates and cross rails to stay in compliance with the 125 mph wind load rating

* Model 210X has 510AH Amps and (2) Batteries
* Model 480 has (2) Solar Panels

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