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I installed a CDM product for the first time and it was also my first IP wireless job. The product was very easy to install, CDM Tech support is the best in the industry. The product has worked flawlessly for some time now. I have no IP background experience and was very reluctant to use the product. Today I am looking forward to designing and installing my next CDM project with the expert help from CDM's Tech support.

Michael P. Landers - President
Loss Prevention Systems, Inc.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc.

I have been associated with the video surveillance industry since the early 1970’s. During which time I have witnessed substantial changes throughout the industry. Some changes have been for the better and some have not.

When a product is evaluated there are always parameters which contribute most to the determination of whether or not we will carry and represent that product. Price plays an obvious role; however, more important than price is the quality of the product and quality of support behind the product. Our association with CDM has always been rewarding for us as well as our customers. CDM not only provides a product line of the highest quality; but their product line is priced very competitively and most importantly CDM provides a level of customer support which is unsurpassed. In many ways dealing with the staff at CDM is like dealing with manufacturers back in the 70’s when customer service was important and a manufacturer stood by their word as well as their product. It is so comforting knowing when you need to place a call to tech support that not only will you be in touch with a real person, but the person who is on the other end of the telephone is well versed in the product and can always enable you to trouble shoot and resolve the problem.

A sincere thank you to the staff of CDM.

John Martin
Gaston Security, Inc.

Gaston Security

We use CDM wireless products exclusively for all of our wireless CCTV opportunities. The products are easy to install and they perform flawlessly even in conditions where other wireless products fail. The pre and post sales support that we receive from the factory is also first class.

John Smolinski
Integration Logistics

Integration Logistics

Dover Installation-April 30, 2010

I just wanted to follow-up and say thank you. We received the RB750G yesterday and installed it. After Casey did some minor reconfiguring of our two existing portals the mesh was up and running. Please accept my deepest thanks for all the effort you and team put into our project. From the initial design, site survey, assisting with mounting options, and assistance with implementation. I can without a doubt say that we could not have done this by ourselves. I commend the moral character of the CDM organization as you stand behind your product and services, ensuring the end product operates as required. In turn, ensuring that both we (the integrator) and the end user are satisfied.

I must also express my thanks to Casey who has been an extreme help during this process. He has a wealth of knowledge yet is very humble and patience. He has the gift of explaining very technical processes in easy to understand terms. People like Casey are hard to find, he should be considered a valuable asset within your organization. Please pass along my thanks to him as well.

Again, thank you very much for all you have done.

John Gampp


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