Surveillance Systems for Utilities, Roads, Power, Water / Waste Treatment Facilities

Wireless Video Surveillance for Utilities

The Federal Government, through Homeland Security, has made funding available for water and waste treatment facilities to install video surveillance cameras. There is a growing threat against our States infrastructures: Roads, power, communications, water and waste treatment facilities. The most vulnerable of these would be damaging our wastewater treatment and water storage facilities.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the advancement in digital wireless communications and greatly improved video technology, it’s possible to install a state-of-the art video surveillance system that will provide timely alerts to law enforcement or other personnel in the event someone attempts to tamper with water tanks or other infrastructure.


  • Provides better management of facilities
  • Ability to look at facilities from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Monitoring of possible terrorist activity
  • Timely alerts to law enforcement or other personnel

Case Study:

Louisburg, North Carolina has already secured its fresh water and water treatment facilities with digital wireless video surveillance equipment and Franklin County installed digital video.

In addition to the enhanced security provided by digital wireless video equipment many managers are using it to provide them better management of their facilities. The ability to look at their operations from virtually anywhere in the world has opened up a whole new level of operational control.

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