Surveillance Systems for Government

Surveillance Systems for Government

Homeland Security installs video surveillance at airports, borders, government facilities and military basis. These are the headlines we read on a daily basis.

In order to protect our homeland, government agencies are calling for the use of IP Video Surveillance to help them respond to the ongoing threats of terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal’s’ coming into our country via borders, ports and airports.

Wireless video surveillance has proven to be a solution in preventing and surviving the war against terrorism.


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Day/Night Infrared Detection
  • 24 Hour Monitoring of Closed Circuit Cameras
  • Detect-Capture-Record-Alert-Report

Case Study

CDM’s contribution is in the manufacturing of the ATNIS unit designed and patented exclusively by TTI Wireless in Youngsville, NC.

The state-of-the-art system is a part of TTI’s WASP (Wireless Airport Surveillance Platform), which detects, identifies, captures, records and produces alerts on tail numbers of all incoming and outgoing aircraft.

CDM’s wireless solutions can also be connected to PTZ cameras to closely monitor and zoom in on potential threats in remote areas.

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