Surveillance Systems for Schools

Wireless Surveillance Systems for Education

Full time Campus Police are no longer adequate to patrol and maintain a heightened sense of security needed at today’s larger universities.

Wireless surveillance cameras are being installed to monitor parking lots a quarter-mile away from main campus’ allowing monitoring of suspicious activity such as cars circling the outer parking lots to people lingering near parked vehicles.

Wireless surveillance allows campus authorities to zoom in via a PTZ camera to observe any suspicious activity as well as capture license plate numbers of cars entering the lot.

While helping to manage security and make campuses safer we are seeing many of the nation’s universities take a more proactive approach to their current security needs and requirements that are demanded by the students and their families looking to enroll at their campus.


  • 24/7 Day/Night Surveillance
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Theft and Vandalism Deterrent
  • 24/7 Walkway, Parking Lot Surveillance

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