The used of CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has an unusual and often difficult history but has become one of the most important parts of keeping any property or business safe. CCTV is one of the most impressive ways of deterring crime and has a number of benefits which may be of importance to a range of business and property owners. CCTV surveillance systems were first developed by engineer Walter Bruch in Germany during World War II. A closed system of cameras was set up by the engineer to monitor the safety and movements of the experimental V-2 bomber.

Benefits of CCTV Systems

1. A crime deterrent

The mere presence of cameras visible to the public is often seen as a great way of deterring crime from taking place. The option of placing signs around a property or business stating cameras are in use is often taken to provide even more of a deterrent to criminals.

2. Safely monitor activity

All residents and employees spending time at a property hope to feel they are safe at all times. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to install CCTV systems around a property. By installing CCTV around a property, the arrival and departing of visitors can be monitored with ease to set the mids of employees and business owners at ease.

3. Reducing theft

Whether operating a business or living in a residential property, CCTV systems can offer great benefits for limiting the chance of a theft taking place. Business owners who choose to install cameras usually report far lower levels of theft in their stores because of the presence of CCTV surveillance systems.

4. Add motion detection options

In the past, CCTV would use large heavy tapes or cassettes which had to be changed on a regular basis. CCTV surveillance system has changed a large amount over time and now include the ability to use motion detection technology. This is a good option for low traffic areas where an alert that an individual has entered the space may be required.

5. Go infra-red

One of the limitations of CCTV in the past was the poor nature of the recordings captured during the night. Darkness was not the friend of CCTV until infra-red became the norm and allows the clear capture of images when the lights are turned off.

6. Talk through the camera

The latest CCTV systems are equipped with two-way audio options which mean the operator of a camera can talk directly to any person in front of the camera. This means a possible intruder can be challenged from the safety of within a property to limit the possibilities of dangerous confrontations happening.

7. Know the truth

Whether living in a property or working in a commercial location, the problem of disagreements and feuds is always on the horizon. Along with monitoring the possibility of outsiders entering a property, CCTV can also allow disagreements to be solved with ease by looking over the security footage.

8. New features

The evolution of CCTV surveillance systems has brought about a large rise in the technology on offer. Firstly, some newer systems are equipped with options for facial recognition and loitering identification options. Other major advances have included object identification which allows the technology to warn of persons or vehicles in the vicinity.

9. Easy record keeping

One of the most important aspects of CCTV is knowing who is in a property at any time and when people leave. Instead of spending a large amount of time keeping records of when visitors enter and leave, a business can use the CCTV security footage to monitor who is inside and outside the building.

10. License plate recognition

In the 21st-century, the level of technology open to any business or residential property owner has grown with better ways of using CCTV. Among the latest technologies available to a CCTV user is the ability to recognize number plates of vehicles approaching or parking at any property. The ease with which records can be accessed has never been greater with a clear view of each license plate giving everybody a new level of peace of mind.