Wireless Security Equipment PreProgramming Service

One of the value added services CDM provides to our clients is the factory programming of all of the equipment we offer.

We actively work with our clients to gain an understanding of their network programming needs and then provide all of the configurations in the factory and pre-test the product before it ever leaves our factory. This ensures that our clients will be able to take our equipment, out of the box, and install it at the specified location without any additional field programming or configurations. This significantly cuts down on the installation time of the equipment and adds up to additional profits for our clients by offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership at the end of the day.

CDM understands that some of our clients are new to the wireless and IT technologies and would benefit from the experience and value added services that CDM offers. We will use our clients specified network information ie: IP addresses, subnets, gateways, locations etc. to uniquely program each piece of equipment thereby validating operation according to plan. This ensures product is ready for field installation at the time of delivery. If the customer does not have the specific network information, then we program the equipment with factory defaults that validates the system is working properly and then work with our clients to program the equipment further if necessary.

Some of our clients don’t need specific network information and therefore use the factory programmed equipment as is. In the event they need to change something once the equipment arrives, there is a quick start guide to assist you and CDM is always available to assist our clients in all of your networking and installation needs.

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